1. Kornati national park

Breathtaking Kornati national park is within your reach with one click

If you're looking for ways to get from Zadar to Kornati, search no more. This is one of the absolute bestsellers. The Kornati national park consists of around 150 uninhabited islands, isles and coves for which George Bernard Shaw wrote that „on the last day of Creation, God wanted to crown his work and created the tears, stars and breathtaking Kornati“. Nature park Telašćica, at the same time, is located in the south-eastern part of the island of Dugi Otok. It's a bay surrounded by 13 islands and islets which, together with 6 islets inside the bay, was proclaimed a Nature park in 1988. Beside the fact that you get to see a national park AND a nature park in the same one day trip, you'll also get served lunch with wine on board or at a restaurant on one of the islands. It's your call.

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2. Telascica nature park

Telascica nature park from the air

This tour also takes you to both Telascica nature park and national park Kornati. What's the difference between Kornati national park tour and Telascica nature park tour? Food. This trip includes a seven-course fish menu. Throughout the whole day food and wine bill be served in protected bays. You will also be able to enjoy and discover small and beautiful places in the Zadar archipelago and, to top all of that, we are available for any ideas you might have to make this tour even better.

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3. Kornati and Telašćica from Drage

Boat sailing around Kornati national park

For those who are currently situated little more south-east from Zadar, you can also visit Kornati national park and Telascica nature park from Drage, as well. While cruising to the Telašćica bay, you will sail near cliffs that rise 160 m above the sea and 90 m in the depth. You will also get to swim and play in a turquoise colored sea on the island of Žut (which can be translated to Yellow Island – now that's a shock).

Oh, did I not mention the dolphins? I better hush so they don't get scared. And you should click here now before they get away.

4. Murter island | Vrgada and Podvrške beach trip

Beautiful islands of Murter - Vrgada, Murvenjak and Murter

Since you're already in Drage, might as well visit Vrgada, Murvenjak and Murter. This three island tour from Drage will take you to swimming on Vrgada, little island with less than 50 inhabitants, perfect place as a getaway from noise and other tourists. Don't swim yourself tired just yet – after visiting Murvenjak, you will dock on Murter island and proceed to beach Podvrške.

And if that's not enough, don't forget to say hi to the dolphins on the way back. You can find them here.

5. Sakarun beach | Dugi Otok

Take a boat ride to swim on the Sakarun beach

A two hour boat trip will take you all the way to Dugi Otok and its' best beaches, including Sakarun Beach. On the way over there, you can enjoy the view of Zadar archipelago and discover Ugljan Island, with a few interesting facts as well. However, the bread and the butter of this day trip from Zadar is Saharun beach. Sakarun beach is almost a kilometer long sand beach with a bit of a Caribbean flair. The sea is crystal clear and the swimming area is extremely large and shallow, and what's more, you'll get to have 4 hours of leisure time to properly enjoy it.

The first step is clicking here for tour details and prices.

Or, if you're some 12 kilometers farther north, click here for the same trip departing from Petrčane.

Oh, you mean you're even farther north than that? No problem, click here to take the Sakarun beach trip from Vir.

6. Island of Pag

All you can see is a bridge, sea and a stone - yet that's the whole beauty of it

At the first sight, Pag (island) looks rocky and rough, bordered by a sky-blue sea, almost nestled under Mt. Velebit's imposing presence. It's often referred to as the „Island of Stone“ or a „Moonscape Island“ due to its rocky terrain. However, Pag also contains beautiful, almost hidden beaches and you'll have plenty of time to swim and snorkel there while you're waiting for your lunch. Maybe you've heard of Pag cheese. This is where it's produced; and not only the premium quality cheese, but also lamb, olives and even wine.

Either way, the Island of Pag is truly worth visiting to discover and savor its' many facets. To do just that, click here.

7. Brač, Hvar & Pakleni Islands

Golden Horn on Bol, Brač island, changes its' shape with the tides

The Golden Horn is unique in the world. Like a tongue, it stretches almost half a kilometre perpendicularly out into the sea. The tip of this famous beach is constantly changing under the influence of the waves and the sea's currents. After taking a bath on Golden Horn, you will go from Brač to Hvar town. From the sea, you get the sight of a waterfront promenade strip bordered with a row of palm trees and seven centuries old walls protecting Hvar. Hvar is a jewel hidden by the time. But not everything is hidden by the time, so after the Old Town of Hvar visit, you're going to hop across on Pakleni Island, to enjoy the perfect sea and people around.

A Golden Brač, Hvar & Pakleni Island tour is one that we strongly recommend. With experience and feedback from lots of previous reviews, you can expect a quality good time. Click here for tour details!

8. 5 islands from Split to Hvar

The sunlight enters the Blue Cave opening and illuminates it with the famous blue color

On your way from Split to Hvar, it would be a shame not to visit all the attractions on 5 different islands near Split. This tour, except for the Pakleni (or Paklinski) Islands also takes you to Stiniva beach on Vis, as well as on Budikovac island. But the real sensation of this 5 islands tour is Blue Cave – the most attractive sight of the island of Biševo. It is THE number 1 destination for tourists from all around the world and therefore raises the popuarity of the whole island. Unfortunately, swimming isn't allowed in the cave, but when you enter it, you will immediately realize why you cannot swim there. It can only be visited with a small boat with a few people on board. The best time to really experience the Blue Cave tour is in the morning when the sunlight reflects of the bottom of the cave and illuminates it with the famous blue color.

But how the Blue Cave really looks can hardly be described by words. Besides, what should it be? You can see it for yourself with one click.

9. The Blue Lagoon on Budikovac island

The Blue Lagoon on Budikovac Island from air

A special location to visit from Split, The Blue Lagoon on Budikovac island is a must see stop on your itinerary. The Blue Lagoon, often referred to as the Turquoise Lagoon, takes up most of the small island of Budikovac. The lagoon is well named; the water there appears to be an unbelievably vibrant shade of blue. The sea is so incredibly clear that the boats appear to be suspended in air, and the undersea is magically shaped, creating the feeling you’re in a whole new world. If you've missed the last tour for Blue Cave, this is your second shot. And you might as well be even happier, since this one comes with lunch, drinks and lots of equipment to elevate your experience…

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10. Pučišća – another pearl from Brač

Pučišća looks like it belongs more to Caribbean than Mediterranean sea

Pučišća is a coastal town and a municipality on the island of Brač in Croatia. It is often listed as one of the prettiest villages in Europe. It is known for its white limestone and beautiful bay.

To check it out, feel free to click here.

11. Vruja beach

Vruja beach really looks like a hidden piece of a puzzle

Along the trip to Vruja beach in Brela, you can see cities and villages on Omiš Riviera such as Stanići, Ruskamen and Pisak, and the trip ends at the most famous beach, virgin beach Vruja. Beautiful sandy beach, clean sea, pure nature and peaceful place for your pleasure.

Check the tour info here!

12. Lovrećina bay – Postira on Brač

Hide yourself in the Lovrećina bay on Brač island

Lovrečina bay is situated on the northern part of the island of Brač, between Postira and Pučišća, known for its large sandy beach and precious archaeological sites. The remains of the St. Lawrence basilica from the 5th and 6th century can be found in Lovrečina and local pilgrims from the surrounding places visit it on the feast day of St. Lawrence, August 10.

You can reach the bay and a cove by boat and by car. To do that by boat, click here.

13. Dubrovnik Sunset Private Cruise

Sunset from one of Dubrovnik islands

Pick the spot on one of numerous Dubrovnik islands or simply peace of the ocean and hop on a speedboat to watch the islands and Old town bathing in divine colors of Dubrovnik sunset. Feel free to jump from the boat, have a swim or free dive and be the part of this unique experience. Skipper, fuel, refreshment drinks and snorkeling equipment are all included, just don't forget to bring a towel and a camera

For pricing and more details, be sure to check our tour info here.

14. Elafiti islands private tour

Breathtaking Elafiti islands from air

This boat tour will take you to the three most beautiful Elaphiti islands of Dubrovnik; namely – Koločep, Lopud and Šipan. Did you know that Elafiti islands have their own blue caves? Yep, that's right. 3 islands, 3 caves and a beautiful non-touristy beach Šunj. You can swim or snorkel in a deep blue, but crystal sea, wander around in the shades of Mediterranean vegetation, explore picturesque island villages or simply taste the local cuisine. Skipper, fuel, drinks, swimming equipment come along with hotel/apartmant pickup for up to 6 people. Since this is not a sunset tour, but a half-day or a day trip (there are multiple choices and you can even customize the tour as per your wish), don't forget to bring your sun cream!

Pick one of the multiple Elaphiti islands tours (don't worry, there are no right or wrong answers) HERE.

15. NP Mljet

National park and the greenest Adriatic island of Mljet

Since it's a National park, just like Kornati (= link do http://clickandtrip.hr/kornati-national-park ) and Plitvice, Mljet is untouched. Island's mysticism, olive groves, vineyards and rich forests are ideal places to peacefully enjoy the pristine beauty of the natural surroundings. A boat will take you from Dubrovnik to the Adriatic's greenest island of mljet. Stroll through the shades of the Big and Small lakes in Mljet national park, explore picturesque island villages Pomena or Polace, see buildings dating from the Roman empire and taste the local cuisine. Even though you're free to swim in the lakes, bring your long sleeves along, as it gets pretty cold in the evening on our Mljet private boat tour ( = link do http://clickandtrip.hr/dubrovnik-to-mljet).

Also, if you're afraid of catching a cold during your day trip to Mljet, take a custom made tour of Dubrovnik instead

16. Supetar – private island for rent

Rent an island near Dubrovnik and enjoy its contents with your own friends and families

Need a perfect place near Dubrovnik to organize a party or a celebration? You can rent a whole island with one click. Open terrace for 200 people, possibility of setting up tents and stages, boat lines with mainland included and a restaurant if you don’t feel like grilling.

Don’t believe us? Check it right here.

If, however, there is no need for such drastic measures, or you’re tired or organizing things all the time, feel free to book a half-day trip from Cavtat near Dubrovnik.

You will also end up on Supetar, with a grill lunch and wide choice of local wines, beer and soft drinks. Lay back, swim around the crystal clear sea and enjoy.

17. Dubrovnik Old Town

Walls of Dubrovnik Old Town

Experience Dubrovnik city walls panorama from the seaside and witness the beautfy of mighty Old Town walls and fortress of Lovrijenac. For Game of Thrones fans, when you sail around the walls of Dubrovnik, you've sailed around King's Landing, and when you see Minčeta tower, you'll have recognized the House of the Undying.

If you're asking yourself why the shooting of such a successful series took place in Dubrovnik, click here and take a trip.

18. Lokrum island and Dubrovnik panorama

A day trip from Dubrovnik to Lokrum

Until you've visited Lokrum island, you haven't seen half of it. Not only is the Iron throne from the Game of Thrones located there, but it is also a protected nature park where, as the legend goes, king Richard was stranded. After Lokrum, you will proceed to above mentioned Supetar to enjoy a lunch break. Last stop is Cavtat, small town near Dubrovnik also known as Croatian Monaco. There are no words to describe Dubrovnik and its untouched islands unless you feel it.

And the best way to feel it is by booking a professional guide.

19. Brijuni national park

Veliki Brijun can be seen as making a large portion of the Narional Park Brijuni

You can’t say that you’ve fully enjoyed the treasures of Pula if you haven’t visited the Brijuni national park. What has been the main characteristic of the Brijuni archipelago in the past is the extraordinary biological diversity due to its geographical location, its geological base, and geomorphology, its diversity of the habitat and its island isolation. Book your seat on our Fish Picnic and come with us to a 4.5-hour long boat trip that includes a trip around Brijuni, excellent food and drinks and a 2-hour-stop at Jerolim island where you can go for a swim.

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20. Pula sunset panorama

Sunset finds dolphins is the name of the excursion during which you get to see dolphins while they swim, jump and play in the water. This wonderful experience will make your vacation in Pula even more memorable and…if you haven't already, you're about to see the Brijuni islands.

Book this must see day trip here.

21. Stiniva beach – island of Vis

Stiniva beach on Vis island looks like a keyhole from air

This next trip takes you from Hvar to Vis island where the Stiniva beach can be found. And I mean literally – it can be found. In 2016, beach Stiniva was declared for the most beautiful beach in Europe. After Beach Stiniva comes the most popular place in this route, Blue Cave which is 15 minutes away from Vis, on Biševo Island. While still talking about beauties of Blue Cave we are heading to Palmižana Bay on Pakleni Islands where our guests can relax and have lunch before we go back to Hvar.

So if after all these places to visit in Croatia you still haven't seen the Blue Cave, do it now – if you don't see Blue Cave or Stiniva beach, what did you even come to see in Croatia?

22. Green cave on Ravnik island

Green cave in Croatia gets its' name from the green color of the surrounding sea

The Green cave is situated on the island of Ravnik near the bigger island of Vis. The cave is a natural attraction situated in the south-west part of Ravnik. During the day sun light passes through the small hole on the vault of the cave producing the fascinating green coulored surface of the sea within the cave. After this phenomenon the cave got its name.

You may reach the cave either by boat or simply swimming into it. We suggest you do it by boat, and we have just one of those waiting for you here.

23. Krka national park – Šibenik

Krka national park and its' one of many lakes and waterfalls

Krka National Park is the perfect destination for travelers looking to explore some of Croatia’s beautiful nature. The park is most famous for the stunning Skradinski buk falls. This collection of 17 waterfalls spreads over a length of 800 meters and is not to be missed. During the warmer summer months, you can even swim at the base of the final waterfall, which is a truly magical experience – especially if you arrive before the crowds.

Even though we don't have a boat to take you there just yet, we wouldn't want you to miss this location. So if you really want to (and you should want to) visit Krka National park, we would advise you to rent a boat and sail to Šibenik.

24. Rovinj

Rovinj is a charming small town located at the biggest Croatian peninsula – Istria. With its lovely beaches and a transparent blue sea, it’s a great summer destination. However, it’s also filled with culture and history and you’re going to find some amazing restaurants there.

25. Hans Schmidt Wreck

Hans Schmidt Wreck is an impressive and still kept boat wreck off Rovinj

Hans Schmidt shipwreck lies in the waters just off Rovinj. This cargo ship has exploded and sunk after hitting an underwater mine. The wreck is under the protection of the Croatian Ministry of Culture so diving here is allowed only through diving centers that have permission from the Ministry.

So while you're in Rovinj, don't forget to dive in!

That's all for this summer, folks. Please let us know what places do YOU think should be visited in Croatia – as long as it can be reached by boat. Also feel free to leave your experiences and reviews in the comment section. I'll see you in about a click!